Rose Gold Series 1

36x20x1/2" Resin and Acrylic on Canvas $150 plus shipping.

Rose Gold Series 1

Available for Purchase on Etsy!

On the picture of the rooms the painting isn't to scale. Its just to show what it looks like on a wall and what it could look like in your space!

This painting is currently hanging on consingmnet at the 316 Hotel in Wichita, KS but is still for sale!

This is a beautiful resin painting. I love working with resin. It has a depth that is created that holds even after fully curing. They are just rich in color and gloss and depth. Absolutely amazing what resin can do!

Done with a Fantasy Prisme onyx, rose gold, antique copper, and pearl white. Sides are painted dark gray and finished with a gloss varnish. Glossy glass like surface. This one has a bit of a texture from the prisme and metallic paints. It's really cool because it looks like honeycomb. I absolutely love what it does mixing these mediums. Beautiful webbing and cell action. Please see photos!

I do offer a payment plan with no interest!