Possession of Curiosity

36x24x1/2" Acrylics on Canvas

36x24x1/2" Acrylics on Canvas

**On the picture of the rooms the painting is not to scale. Its to show what I would like on a wall! I try to get it as close to actual size as I can. 

I love the effects that took place on this one in a few areas. I love doing fluid acrylic paintings. They are sooooo fun! This one has a crackle effect in a few places but the painting didn't crack its just like it indented a few places. Its really cool!! See picture 9. It looks like it overlayed over cracks but its not the top paint. I love the effect!! This is done in colors white, navy, aqua, two shades of gray and sides are painted black. Love the colors, love the effects, love everything about it! This is ready to ship and hang right out of the box! Finished with a semi gloss varnish that is sprayed on for consistency. I have signed and dated the fronts. Certificate of authenticity available on request! 

I do offer a payment plan. Payments any size to fit your needs with no interest. I do keep 25% of the full price if sale is cancelled after first payment is made. 

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