30x24x1.5" Acrylics on Canvas

30x24x1.5" Acrylics on Canvas

**On the room pictures the painting isn't to scale. Its to show what I would like on a wall! I do do my best to get it as close as I can.

I ship Via FedEx because they offer discounts for having an etsy shop. Not to mention a great insurance policy! If the shipping ends up being less I do refund the remaining after shipping and materials to ship!

This painting when I poured it and moved the canvas looked awful in my opinion and I was devistated that it didn't come out like I had hoped so I decided to take a pallette knife to it and move the paint around. So I did that and decided to let it dry. Came back to look at it the next day and still wasn't happy with it at all. So a few days maybe a week later I went to put gesso on it and was going to do a new one over top. I put a few strokes of gesso on it and something made me stop and wipe it off. So I cleaned it up and decided to put it away for a while. Came back to it a week or 2 later and I just fell in love with it. I don't know why I didn't like it before that but it is one of my favorites! I know this painting will look amazing in your home too!! This is done in colors white, gray, metallic rose gold, silver and the sides are painted gray. This is ready to ship and hang right out of the box! Finished with a semi gloss varnish that is sprayed on for consistency. I have signed and dated the fronts. Certificates of authenticity available on request! Ready to ship and ready to hang right out of the box.

I do offer a payment plan. Payments any size to fit your needs with no interest. I do keep 25% of the full price if sale is cancelled after first payment is made. 

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